buster alien

Fueled by the intensity of life, its pace, diversity and colors. Finding meaning in motorcycles and good whisky. Always learning new stuff to improve my work. Obsessed with choppers, skulls, skeletons – never seeing the dark side of life.

I am the creator of the brand Rotten Rat Apparel, annual custom motorcycle show Custom Days and owner of Cactus Burger – a motorcycle, burger serving spot in Northern Poland.

Totally grateful that you took time to drop by – hope you like my work!

On this site you’ll find various work, all done by hand, with utter precision. I also create on demand. If you have a motorcycle that you wish to transform into a piece of art – go ahead, drop me a line!

I have worked with:

РIndian Motorcycle dealer РMotorcycle 3city 

– Harley-Davidson Poland

– Cafe Racer Club Poland

– Retro Monkeys/NGLT Racing

– Attic Cycles

– Scrambler Fever Rally

– OldSchoolBarberShop

– Stunt Story

– Red Bull

– Pakalolo Skim Boards and more…

– various individual client-


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